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September 27, 2016
Supplier of HDPE PE100 Fittings in South Africa – Royal Majestic
November 28, 2016

Supplier of HDPE Compression Fittings in South Africa

If you are looking for a manufacturer of HDPE pipes, fittings and compression fittings in South Africa, Royal Majestic can assist. Royal Majestic is a top manufacturer of HDPE pipes and products, supplying a wide range of HDPE compression fittings in South Africa to fit the needs of our clients.

If you are in need of specific HDPE compression fittings, contact Royal Majestic today. We will supply you with all the information you require to purchase the best compression fittings for your piping project needs. Talk to a consultant at Royal Majestic today for more information about our HDPE products.


How compression fittings work – HDPE Compression fittings

An HDPE compression fitting is basically a mechanical fitting / coupling that is used to connect HDPE pipes to a fixture or valve. These HDPE compression fittings are widely used in plumbing and other piping systems, joining two pipes together. HDPE compression fittings consist of three parts, namely the compression nut, the compression ring, and the compression seat.

A compression fitting works by sliding the pipe into the fitting, and then tightening the nut. When tightening the nut, the compression ring compresses between the nut and receiving fitting, ensuring a water tight connection.

There are many reasons and advantages to using HDPE compression fittings in piping systems:

  • No soldering required: This piping connection method requires no soldering to connect, making is suitable for areas and connections where soldering is prohibited.
  • Easy assembling and disassembling features: HDPE compression fittings manufactured by Royal Majestic are very easy to assemble and disassemble, ideal for many residential and industrial application needs. No special tools are required to assemble or disassemble the HDPE compression fittings.
  • Leak-free connections: When installed correctly, HDPE compression fittings from Royal Majestic will offer leak-free connections and satisfying results.

Royal Majestic – Leading HDPE compression fittings, pipes and fittings supplier in South Africa

Royal Majestic is a leading manufacturer of HDPE compression fittings and pipes in South Africa. Here’s why you should trust us for all your HDPE pipes and fittings:

  • Range of HDPE products: We manufacture an extensive range of HDPE products catering to the needs of our clients. Our HDPE pipes and fitting are widely used in many different industries including farming / agriculture, mining, plumbing and drainage, construction, water reticulation, residential use and many more. The properties of HDPE makes is an ideal material for a number of pipe and fitting products in these industries.
  • Top quality HDPE pipes, fittings and products: Royal Majestic manufactures products according to the highest standards, ensuring that our clients are satisfies with the quality HDPE compression fittings and pipes they receive.
  • Excellent service and honest advice: You will receive excellent service and helpful advice when using Royal Majestic as your HDPE pipes and fittings supplier in South Africa.
  • Competitive prices: We guarantee competitive industry price on our HDPE pipes, fittings and compression fittings. Get a quote today to purchase the products you require.

Our range of HDPE pipes and fittings include:

  • Compression fittings
  • HDPE PE100 Moulded Elongated Butt-Weld Fittings
  • HDPE PE100 Electro-fusion Fittings
  • HDPE PE100 Fabricated Pipe Fittings:
    • segmented bends all degrees
    • Seamless bends all degrees
    • Tee Pieces/ laterals/ manifolds
    • Machined concentric reducer
    • Machined stub
  • Galvanised flanges
  • HDPE Socket Weld Fittings:
    • elbow 90°
    • elbow 45°
    • Tee’s
    • Sockets
    • End caps
    • Stubs
    • Concentric reducers
    • Unions
    • Male adapters
    • Female adapters

Properties and benefits of HDPE pipes and fittings

HDPE has a high strength-to-density ratio, making it as strong and durable material for piping systems in many different applications. The features and characteristics of HDPE pipes and fittings include:

  • Corrosion resistant: The most important characteristic of HDPE is the fact that HDPE pipes and fittings are corrosion resistant. This means that the pipes won’t rust or disintegrate due to continuous exposure to water or other fluids. This makes it ideal for a number of applications that involve water or fluid drainage and distribution.
  • Leak-free joints: Heat infused joints ensure strong and leak-free connections to complete the piping system. Royal Majestic will provide you with the best HDPE pipes, compression fitting and other HDPE products to complete your project.
  • Light weight: HDPE pipes are considered light weight when compared to other materials, serving for quicker and more effective installation procedures.
  • Low maintenance: Once installed, the HDPE piping system is relatively low maintenance, offering lasting products for the piping system.
  • Water surges: HDPE pipes and fittings are able to effectively handle water surges, due to its excellent water hammer capabilities (which occurs when a valve closes abruptly at an end of a pipeline system).

Contact Royal majestic for your High Density Polyethylene Pipes in Gauteng / South Africa

As a leading supplier of HDPE compression fittings and pipes in South Africa, you will get the best products and services for your application needs. See our extensive list of HDPE products and HDPE services offered or contact Royal Majestic for more information.

Royal Majestic has built a strong reputation amongst clients and service providers in the HDPE pipes and fittings industry – trust our professional team to assist you to get the best HDPE compression fittings for your needs.